Today, November 1, 2022, we are excited to officially unveil the new Zus look that we have been painstakingly crafting over the past few months to reflect our deep commitment to building a new normal for point-of-care data use in healthcare.

At athena, our hero was the unsung practice manager and the billing staff that enabled doctors to wade through ever thicker waters to fulfill their mission. Now we have new heroes, and a more ambitious pursuit of the same cause. Here’s to the new era of inventors — the engineers, product managers, data scientists, health coaches, care navigators, and coalition of the willing from traditional medicine that are stepping across to form a more scalable, more accessible, and more effective healthcare. The builders of the past faced enormous pressure to keep doing the same thing under increasing administrative burden. Today, our heroes strive to do something new amidst enormous pressure to do the same thing.

We now have the beginnings of a new ecosystem of such players found in virtual providers: virtual-first primary care, focused factory specialty care, and the cutting-edge software companies that serve them. Zus aims to accelerate these new healthcare inventors by doing all of the nitty-gritty data work that will not make them unique but is necessary for getting off the ground.

Our new look represents this vision. It centers around our trifecta of stakeholders — the developer, the provider, and the patient — all connected via our shared platform that we’ve christened the Zus Grid. Via the Grid, these inventors can more easily collaborate around a shared patient, ensuring that we break the traditional silos of care and lift up these companies doing bold new things against huge headwinds in the name of patient outcomes.

Who We Serve

For each patient on the Grid, we have built the Zus Aggregated Profile, or ZAP, which brings together all of a patient’s available data and packages it for our heroic providers to use at each care touchpoint. The current ecosystem is swimming in redundancy, but the ZAP eliminates the need for clinicians to re-gather patient info for each appointment, for developers to go out and connect individually to every data network, for patients to have to repeat themselves with every new doctor. A rising tide lifts all boats, and we aim to be the current buoying all digital health inventors irreversibly into the next wave of healthcare.

And so, we hope you feel included, intrigued, and inspired by the new Zus look. We’ve earned the right to give you this look through our own hard effort. Some day, we hope this reflects our true brand — but that depends on you and how well this vision resonates. We’re excited to see where this takes us.