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Up to speed in seconds

Rebalancing appointments in favor of the patient, not the screen
A million stories high, and growing.
Tap into a single, shareable view of a patient's healthcare history.
Illustration of patient Roger having an urgent task to follow up on missed insulin refill
One source of truth for each patient
ZAPs leverage data stored on the Grid for always-relevant patient snapshots
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Know your patient
Prep for visits in a fraction of the time.
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Trace every input back to its source
Detailed provenance for each data point at your fingertips.
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Never miss a follow-up
Thanks to an intelligent notification system.
A better patient profile
Actionable and data-rich.

Details like demographics, coverage, care team, and medications matter. Leveraging the Zus Patient History API, Zus patient profiles include all the key information – and are flexibly available through either an API or embedded UI element.

Laptop view of the Zus Aggregated Profile Laptop view of the Zus Aggregated Profile
Comprehensive data sources
Behind each ZAP are 600+ FHIR resources ready for action.

Not only does Zus provide a single point of entry for all data sources–it also de-duplicates, normalizes, and converts the data to FHIR for ultimate usability. Our sources cover 320M+ patients and we boast a ~90% success rate for matching patients with data.

Data centers layered on a map of the US Data centers layered on a map of the US
Trusted & secure
We're FHIRed up to securely store your data (are we doing this right?)

All Zus products are built on top of a HIPAA-compliant FHIR-native data store, which includes detailed provenance and a terminology service.

Zus is the only FHIR server purpose-built for secure cross-tenant data sharing and access to external data. We’re pretty darn proud of that (unlike our pun capabilities).

FHIR resources organized around a data stack
Turn that spark into enlightening.
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