Health data that is interoperability-ready.

Multi-tenant, scalable, and extensible to fit your needs.
Trusted & secure

All Zus products are built on top of a HIPAA-compliant FHIR-native data store, which includes detailed provenance and a terminology service.

Zus is purpose-built for secure cross-tenant data sharing and access to external data. We are proud to be SOC2 Type 2 certified and are committed to maintaining ongoing security measures, keeping patients at the center of everything we do.

FHIR resources organized around a data stack
Secure patient collaboration
Leveraging instant connections to external networks

The Zus data store is a shared FHIR-native platform designed to enable collaborative, real-time care. With the bidirectional connection between the Zus platform and external networks, organizations can easily ingest new patient data and share it back to national networks for efficient care coordination.

Move between new and legacy standards with ease
Via the Zus CDA to FHIR parser

Our dedicated CDA Parser API enables you to work directly with modern JSON via FHIR rather than the legacy XML standards in CDAs, accelerating your ability to build and iterate. 

All of the data in one patient profile
Using our proprietary Universal Patient Index

Zus matches patient identities across data sources and links them with a universal patient identifier, so that you don’t have to rebuild commoditized eMPI logic. Available as a default part of the Zus platform, the Zus UPI makes possible an understanding of each of your patients across physicians. 

Let your data work for you
With detailed provenance and enrichment

Healthcare data is messy. Conditions data from the networks may present as any of three or more codesets across ICD9, ICD10, and SNOMED, with a meaningful amount of effort required to standardize for each bespoke condition – and that’s just one data type.

Zus applies cleansing and terminology crosswalk to standardize the data, eliminating months of manual work for your data team. We then apply clinical logic to organize each data type by relevance, optimizing everyone’s time.

Shovel-ready data
Nothing is one-size-fits-all

Zus delivers you data in formats that work for your use case. For application use cases, read from our fast GraphQL API and get the benefits of FHIR normalization without the deep nesting. For analytics, run SQL queries against rectangularized data marts. Tailor your workflows by receiving messages when we receive new or updated records about your patients. 

Turn that spark into enlightening.
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