Reversing the curse of
health data isolation

Zus empowers an entirely new wave of healthcare builders to create technologies and services without the usual blockers

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Trick out your toolbox

A growing library of software tools and services allows digital health companies to build their own unique experiences and iterate with ease.

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Smash through information blockers

With complete access to terminology, codesets, data and more, it’s suddenly so much easier to create and maintain a comprehensive understanding of any patient.

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Work from a common record

Zus offers the world’s first industrial-strength, multi-tenant record infrastructure. It’s a FHIR-native, patient-centric source of truth, exhaustively maintained and never overwritten.

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Give patients the power

It starts with enabling control of personal information across disparate sources of their healthcare journey.

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We’re building change with the best of them

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Why Zus

The birth of Zus was not a foregone conclusion. It took the perfect confluence of events. Read more about the why here.

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