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We hear you. You have unique, tech-stack specific needs not served by today’s options. That’s why we’re building a completely customizable set of features, from which you can pick and choose exactly what you need.

Different data types, lenses, and embedded components (think medications, care teams) can be mixed and matched to seamlessly deliver your proprietary care model.

Components of the Zus products Components of the Zus products
Ignite your data
How it works

Zus-informed solutions solve specific high-value use cases, reading data from and writing data back to our Zus Aggregated Profiles (ZAPs). These ZAPs are brimming with data touching over 98% of Americans, and serve as a launching pad for the unlimited wasteless workflows ready to be built to improve these patients’ healthcare experiences.

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The Zus Aggregated Profile (ZAP)

Building the whole story.

The point of patient visits is to build trusting relationships – not read computer screens. A ZAP is a single, shareable view of a patient that makes it quick and easy for care teams to understand all of a patient's recent health experiences.

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Onboarding Profile

New Patient Onboarding

Kill the clipboard for good.

Delight your patients by removing the burden of completing their entire health history from scratch through our dynamic pre-population. Delight your care teams by making that data easy to find, understand, and use in the first patient visit (what a novel concept!).

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So many ways to build
Your needs are unique, and your solutions should be too.
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Flexible APIs
Infuse data in your existing apps – use lenses purpose-built for common use cases or the underlying data to cater to your needs.
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Embedded components
We'll render the data for you with no interruptions to your current workflows; you just tell us where it goes.
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Full-service apps
You want it all? We have it all — and it's fully customizable. Leverage our end-to-end workflow solutions to start building immediately.
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