Patient Notice

What is Zus?

Your healthcare provider uses the Zus Platform to connect to other healthcare organizations and networks (which are altogether called the “Zus Network”) so they can receive or send your health information as necessary for your provider to deliver services to you.  Organizations can connect to Zus directly or through other systems like a provider’s electronic health record in order to send or receive your health information.  You can learn more about Zus here

What information about me can be shared through Zus? 

Zus includes the types of health information about you that is contained in your healthcare provider’s electronic health record, such as summaries of your hospital and doctor visits, clinical notes, allergies, medications, diagnoses, past lab test results, a list of your treating providers, your plan of care, and other similar information.   

Who can access my health information through Zus? 

Zus strictly limits who can access your health information as required by HIPAA and other applicable state and federal privacy laws.  Zus only allows a healthcare organization to receive or send your information if they are permitted to do so under HIPAA and if the organization has a direct relationship with you (i.e., as a “HIPAA Covered Entity”) or an indirect relationship (i.e., as a “HIPAA Business Associate”) for purposes of providing healthcare services to you. 

How does Zus protect my privacy?  

Zus is committed to keeping your health records private and secure.  In addition to strictly limiting access only to healthcare organizations that are permitted under HIPAA that have a relationship with you to provide services, Zus also limits receiving or sending your information only for treatment, payment, health care operations or public health activities, as those terms are defined under HIPAA.  Zus also maintains a robust information security program to prevent a data breach that might expose your health information, and has achieved AICPA SOC 2, Type 2 certification, meeting AICPA criteria for information security, availability and confidentiality. 

How does sharing my health information through Zus benefit me?

Allowing your health information to be shared with other healthcare organizations that are providing services to you benefits you in several important ways, such as enabling your provider to make more informed treatment decisions for you care, avoiding the need to order a duplicative laboratory test and incur unnecessary costs, and avoiding wasted time or inconvenience for both you and your healthcare provider when information that your provider needs is not available. 

Can I stop Zus from sharing my information? 

Yes, your participation is voluntary and at any time you can stop Zus from sharing your information with other healthcare organizations by “opting out” of the Zus Network.  You may opt through your healthcare provider if they offer a process for doing so, or you may opt out directly through Zus by completing the Zus Request to Opt Out Form.  Your request to opt out will be effective immediately after we are properly notified by your healthcare provider and your Zus Request to Opt Out will be effective five (5) to seven (7) business days after you submit your request to Zus.  Please note that any of your health information that Zus has already shared before your Request to Opt Out is effective will remain with those organizations that received it.  

What happens after I opt out of sharing using the Zus Opt Out Form? 

Zus may still store and maintain your health information to enable your healthcare provider to access and use your health information as they may need in order to provide services to you, but Zus will not allow your healthcare provider to receive your health information from, or share your health information with, any other healthcare organizations after your request to opt out has become effective.  

Please note that this information only applies if you opt out of sharing using the Zus opt out form. If you opt out using your provider’s form instead, please review their opt-out form and FAQ policy materials instead.

Opting out of sharing through Zus will not prevent your healthcare provider from sharing your health information with other providers who are treating you by telephone, fax, secure email or by mail if requested. Also, your healthcare provider may use systems other than Zus for purposes of sending or receiving your health information. You should read your provider’s HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices for more information. 

Are there risks if I do choose to opt out? 

Yes. For example, if you do not allow your healthcare provider to send or receive your information through Zus: (1) Your provider may not have up to date information about your health history or conditions, which may make it more difficult for your provider to diagnose your problems or provide you the care you need, (2) When your provider has incomplete information about you it increases the risk that they will order duplicative or unnecessary testing, which can result in higher than necessary healthcare costs for you, and (3) Your provider may use alternative, less secure methods of sharing information with other providers who are treating you, such as fax or email.  

Can I change my mind and decide to participate in sharing with Zus later? 

You can opt back in to sharing information through Zus by completing the Zus Request to Opt In Form.