Cue a new health data reality

Our expectations have evolved. We’re tired of playing along with the traditional way of managing patient data. It’s costly, tedious, and dangerous. We’re ready for a world where appropriate access to healthcare data is not just available, but expected. And thanks to all the right factors colliding at just the right time, long-awaited change is finally possible.

At Zus, we aim to bring forth a better health reality by empowering an inspired new wave of healthcare builders to create digital technologies and services that are cheaper, easier to customize, and far more intimate. Every American has a right to their own health information home. And now that the pieces are in place, it’s time to start building.

Who We Serve

Zus works closely with engineering teams eager to innovate in patient experience, care team experience, and clinical pathways without having to build the underlying infrastructure from scratch. If you’re part of a healthcare startup that’s not amused by the status quo, let’s talk. 

Virtual-first care

When a care-providing organization isn’t brick-and-mortar, but instead a continuum from home to hospital with digital touchpoints every step of the way, building an all-encompassing experience is no easy task. Unless you’re doing it with Zus.


It takes guts to embrace new models – like value-based care, risk-bearing payment, and direct-to-consumer wellness – when so few tools exist to support their success. That said, guess what? Zus is here with the tools.

Modern Tech

Fast-moving companies want to use the best cloud services, but legacy technology patterns, outdated tools, and compliance burden are keeping them out of reach. Zus guides customers around these archaic barriers for easy access to the resources they deserve.


It’s a cliche because it’s true – we do better together. The Zus shared community rises as one, building on one another’s strengths, as we work passionately to create better health realities for all Americans.

Our Values

Zus provides digital health startups with the tech scaffolding they need to create freely. With healthcare-focused APIs, patient data, and workflow-enabled widgets already in place, builders are able to focus their most innovative energy on delivering new value. 

We approach our work from a place of compassion for the patient. Safety, health, and privacy are never compromised. As we collaborate on new solutions, our diverse backgrounds make us better. Anything’s possible – and that’s what keeps us going.

Building for builders

Our tools and services are designed to accelerate builders. Innovation in healthcare happens when digital healthcare startups can get their ideas to market. Everything we do must deliver value to those who are innovating.

Dream big, but execute fast

Speed wins the day. To tackle a big problem right, you’ve got to start by breaking it down. We strive to deliver value early and iterate all we can.

A community of collaboration

The more we learn, the more we succeed. We revel in sharing our knowledge with others.

Leadership Team

Jonathan Bush

Jonathan Bush

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Co-Founder, athenahealth

Philip Wickline

Chief Technology Officer

OM1, Hadapt, Endeca

Ada Glover

Chief Product Officer

athenahealth, Zearn, Bain & Company

Travis Smith

Chief Privacy Officer & Vice President, Platform Strategy

Immuta, Collective Medical

Evan Grossman

Chief Operating Officer

Innovaccer, athenahealth

Tim Gorton

Vice President, Engineering

athenahealth, nTAG Interactive

Joel Turner

Vice President, Engineering

Devoted Health, athenahealth

Advisory Board

Tim Bray

Tim Bray

Amazon, Google, Sun, Open Text
Andrew DiMichele

Andrew DiMichele

Omada Health, Gali, Onduo
Abhijit Gupta

Abhijit Gupta

Praxify, athenahealth
Prakash Khot

Prakash Khot

Skyflow, athenahealth
Fay Rotenberg

Fay Rotenberg

Chief Executive Officer, Firefly Health

Our Investors

We’re honored by the support from some of healthcare’s most respected names.

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