Comprehensive history now available in Healthie at the point of care

WATERTOWN, Mass.Nov. 4, 2022 — Healthie, an EMR, scheduling, and engagement platform for digital health organizations, is partnering with Zus, a next-generation shared health data platform. With the Zus Aggregated Profile integration, Healthie’s customers will be able to more comprehensively manage patient care with historical patient data directly integrated into their Healthie instance.

This partnership represents Zus’s most collaborative integration to date, and the teams have built a close technical relationship over the past several months to support this launch. This has included “hackathons” to kick off integration work and joint working sessions that have revealed a shared vision of providing an enhanced offering to mutual digital health customers. Healthie customers that leverage the Zus integration will be able to access a more complete and accurate picture of each patient prior to their appointments, which will in turn save time during visits and empower clinicians to deliver more holistic, informed care. Importantly, this is just the first step in a series of deeper integrations that the Zus and Healthie teams are working on. Interoperability in support of care coordination has never been more crucial in a healthcare landscape quickly filling with high-quality, tech-forward point solutions, and both companies are committed to being on the frontlines of this transformation.

“Legacy EMRs, including Epic, Cerner, and Athena, built walls around patient data, making it nearly impossible for care teams to share current information,” said Erica Jain, co-founder and CEO of Healthie. “This data gap continues to significantly decrease healthcare quality and patient outcomes. Healthie is paving the way for next generation, API-first EMR platforms to build bridges and connect providers with other sources of patient information, instead of purposely keeping them apart. We are thrilled to be partnering with Zus, a leader in interoperability that shares our vision of enabling better patient experiences via technology.”

As a first step, Healthie currently integrates with Zus’s Conditions Management and History solution to equip customers with a 360-degree view of their patients’ conditions. With Conditions Management and History enabled, providers can:

  • Manage a list of active and inactive client conditions
  • Request and refresh clinical history for specific clients
  • See a de-duplicated list of conditions reported by other providers and not in their client problem list
  • See a chronological history of condition documentation by their team or other providers
  • Easily reconcile and add conditions from other providers’ lists to their own problem list

Using these features, Healthie clients will be able to deliver more informed care with less time spent on administrative data work. Coming soon, Healthie and Zus will be expanding the integration to include Medication Management and History and an Encounter Timeline.

“We believe all successful SaaS players in healthcare will need to offer DaaS (data as a service) as well,” said Jonathan Bush, founder and CEO of Zus Health. “We are profoundly excited about this partnership with Healthie as the first iteration of this SaaS-DaaS collaboration, because it will allow all of their innovative customers to access patient data directly in their Healthie profile with no interruption to their current workflows.”

To date, EMRs have had strong incentives to create walls around their provider and patient data and to keep everything within their platform. However, forward-thinking providers are no longer willing to tolerate this approach and instead are looking for solutions that enable them to access the full health history of each patient, no matter where they have been treated in the past, in an intuitive, seamless manner. Healthie and Zus, along with many of their partners and customers, are committed to building something that’s greater than each company – they are building the future of a connected, patient-centric, fully informed healthcare system.

The Healthie and Zus teams are hosting a virtual partnership launch on Tuesday, November 8, at 11am ET – those interested in attending can register here.

About Healthie

Healthie is an EMR, scheduling and engagement platform that serves as the underlying infrastructure for digital health organizations that want to deliver accessible, digital-first healthcare. Founded in 2016, Healthie’s HIPAA-compliant software includes a comprehensive and API-first feature set for offering virtual provider services, and spans EHR, practice management, coaching and client communication. As a result, organizations launch and scale services faster by avoiding re-creating the wheel, foster long-term relationships with clients, and ultimately offer a preventative, personalized care experience that leads to better health outcomes. Organizations that use Healthie have raised >$2 Billion in venture and work with over 2 million client lives on the platform. To learn more, visit

About Zus

Zus is a shared health data platform designed to accelerate healthcare data interoperability by providing easy-to-use patient data at the point of care via API, embedded components, and direct EHR integrations. Founded in 2021 by Jonathan Bush, co-founder and former CEO of athenahealth, Zus partners with HIEs and other data networks to aggregate patient clinical history, then translates that history into user-friendly information at the point of care. Our networks provide access to data across 70K+ provider sites and 270M+ patients. Zus’s mission is to catalyze healthcare’s greatest inventors by maximizing the value of patient insights – so that they can build up, not around. To learn more, visit

Official press release can be viewed here.