I saw that Truveta raised 200 million. Commure did 500. I don’t know about Graphite, but my sense is that they are pretty well funded too.

Healthcare has needed a platform company for years and pursuit of that goal is a noble one. The level of basic work duplication we all experience every day in healthcare is tragi-comic to a Shakespearean level. The learnings that we don’t get to because the data points to study our hypotheses are far-flung and not interrelated are overwhelming to the point of exhaustion. While there are some economic benefits to these silos among the silo owners, it is nothing compared to the hypothetical benefits available to those same siloists (my word, yer welcome) of data federation. I could go into defining this in detail, but it seems that particular horse has been beaten into cat food by now.

One does encounter corpses on the way up Healthcare Platform Mountain™ though. Here is my fledgling playbook on how to avoid the traps and snares and not become another cadaver on the path up the mountain.

Obviously, take this with a grain of salt if you want. I’m mostly no one to give advice on platform building since I got fired partway into unsuccessfully rewiring my last business as a platform. So what are you reading from me for? Maybe history is written by the winners…but we losers have some wicked awesome stories to tell!