We’re turning massive healthcare headaches into (dare we say?) delightful experiences for all Americans. Doing so takes a deep bench of capable people who care strongly about creating positive outcomes in healthcare. If you’re game, let us know.

Zus Health Careers Hero
Zus Health Careers Hero

Your mission, should you choose to accept it

A lot of really big problems are killing the healthcare industry daily. Solving them means starting from scratch to provide tools and information that have never existed–and frankly, still don’t. 

We’ll be focusing on the three problems below in the coming months. Engineering an entirely new reality isn’t easy, but when you’ve got the right chops, anything’s possible.  

the mission:

Make value-based care viable

The best patient outcomes depend on delivering the right care at the right time. But this can only happen if physicians have always-on access to useful insights into patient data. With the right data science architects (you?) leading the charge, we’ll pull this data from various healthcare systems, normalize it, and then analyze it with advanced data science techniques.

the mission:

Toss out the check-in sheet

Scribbling your name, address, and medical history onto a clipboarded piece of paper every single time you enter a provider’s office–hasn’t personal identification evolved beyond that? Credit bureaus have been working to improve personal identification for a while now, but what they’ve learned is only just being applied to healthcare. Enter: Data science architects ready to adapt the financial space’s findings for a better health reality.

the mission:

Connect all the silos

It’s bad enough that healthcare data is spread out across so many different systems. What’s even worse is that patients are asked to transport their own data between providers. We need data engineering architects to build an ingestion and data analytics environment that can handle the massive volume and range that make up healthcare data types. Change begins by building connectors to retrieve and unite data from these disparate systems, and then takes hold as the ultimate pipeline, capable of mastering data and powering enterprise analytics platforms.  

So, why Zus?

Take it from others who’ve already taken the leap

I love having the freedom to take a problem and figure out how to solve it. It’s not about seeing two paths and taking the road less traveled––it’s about seeing an open field and creating the first path.


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