Commit messages are better than comments

Comments that simply restate what the code does take up unnecessary space. Screenshot from
Despite our best efforts, it is difficult to always keep comments in sync with code changes. Screenshot from

Good and bad commit messages

check for null values in rpc args and handle appropriately
scripts: LIEF 0.11.5

Taking advantage of git history

git blame <file>

GitHub provides an excellent blame UI. In the above snippet from blockchain.cpp, we can see that while the functionality of this section of code has been stable, several lines were affected by signature changes in other code files. 

git log <file/folder>

git log –stat

`git log --stat` on the test folder is a quick way to find commits where functionality was being changed or improved.
calling `git show --stat` from a commit discovered from `git log` shows us a commit which we can then use to learn how the developers addressed a specific rate limiting problem.

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