New Patient Onboarding

Kill the clipboard for good.

With Zus, patient onboarding is wasteless, actionable, and relevant.
Ensuring a good first impression
Healthcare finally moving at information speed.
Unleash the data's power
Pre-populate over half of your typical onboarding form, boosting conversion rates and your patients' satisfaction.
Efficiency, unlocked
Save minutes of clinician prep and reconciliation time for every new patient visit.
Let the developers develop
No need to maintain a complicated forms service: clinicians and non-techies can make direct updates.
Key Features
Onboarding just got a lot more interoperable

Forms Service

  • Our flexible forms capability allows for building and testing different patient assessments
  • Data dynamically pre-populates based on information known about each patient
  • Intelligent logic allows the form to be tailored throughout the patient journey
  • Available via API, embeddable component, or Zus UI


Clinical Reconciliation

  • Structured data is extracted and available for care team-friendly views
  • Patient-reported data is surfaced in their profile for easy reconciliation
  • Automatic triggers enable custom task creation upon patient form submission
Zus Patient Onboarding view
What patients are saying
We went straight to the source for perspectives on pre-population

The medical information pulled from my data can be more truthful than what I say sometimes.

Our doctors don't talk to each other anymore! I wish my GP would share or ask questions of cardiologist but they don't. I'm very open that we should just share everything.

The less that I have to tell the doctor, the less that I have to remember - the better. As long as I give permission.

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